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Manifesting Artistry in Dance

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Madance Entertainment is your premier dance company in Central FL, offering top-notch services including captivating performances, expert choreography, personalized dance training, and seamless music editing. Elevate your event or project with our professional touch and expertise. Nurture your talent by joining us for an open dance class, registering for a seaonsonal training program, or join our elite competitive team, Nomads Collective. Let us transform your vision into an unforgettable reality. Join us in shaping and growing Central Florida's vibrant dance community from the inside out with MADance Entertainment.

Dance services

dance services


Book a

Preset Routine


Work with our Director on a Personalized experience for you and your guests. 

Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events, Fashion Shows, Halftimes, Pep Rallies and Much More.


Our Staff will

Theme, teach, and rehearse a personalized routine for your dancers.

Including a Custom Mix or Cut of Music.


Working with Studios, Schools, Competitive teams, Your Personal Event Group & Much More


Our Team of Professionals will cut, mix and master your dance music. 

Great for studios & teams

looking for high quality editing.

Capabilities include:

speed change, single song cuts, mixes, mashups, sound effects, & custom musical Layering with software instruments.

The nomads are here

Dancers on a never ending journey for Growth. As we continue down our individual paths, we have learned that we discover more about ourselves through the experiences we share with each other. We welcome you to come train with us. Whether you are just stopping by for a workshop, or committing to a season, lets work together to grow our community.

Nomads Collective


book work

MADbrats, MADafact, MADhouse, NM.E(Nomads.Elite)

Open dance classes | Audition for Team | Submit to Perform | Buy your Tickets| Get Service quote

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